Paleobotanical seminar

The Paleobotanical online seminar 2022

Since the beginning of 2021, Russian paleobotanical on-line workshop has been working within the frame of the Paleobotanical commission of the Russian Academy of Sciences. This year we continue our meetings at the seminar. Presentations on any topics of paleobotany and paleopalynology fit to the scope of the workshop. A talk that lasts approximately from half an hour to an hour takes place during each meeting of the workshop.

A conventional presentation at a conference usually corresponds to one article, but we are preferably looking for more extensive reports. One may talk about results obtained within the framework of a grant, or a thesis, or during years of working in one and the same area of scientific interests. The second possible variant is to discuss some topical problem within (or related to) paleobotany or paleopalynology, review the current knowledge within some area of our science, or evaluate prospects of a method; the ratio between the original results and literature data is up to the speaker. It happens that even a small study is difficult to present in 15-20 minutes, especially if one wants to bring the remaining doubts to the court of colleagues. For such cases, our "long presentations = short lectures" are also suitable. There is an active and long discussion after the reports. We all work on an endless assembly line of one result that gives one article, next study that gives one more article, and so on. Now we would like to stop for a couple of hours and reflex on the accumulated results and the general picture that they all constitute, and discuss these with colleagues. Young scientists may present a short talk; for such cases two or three presentations will be grouped per one meeting.

A pdf of the abstracts is published by the end of the year.