Lower Cretaceous stratigraphy of the core.
Reinhardt,J. et al. (1980) Lower Cretaceous stratigraphy of the core. Virginia Division of Mineral Resources,Publication # 20 P. 31- 52
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Cicatricosisporites Cicatricosisporites hallei Virginia Barremian Late Albian
Cyathidites Cyathidites minor Virginia Barremian Late Albian
Polycingulatisporites Polycingulatisporites reduncus Virginia Barremian Late Albian
Todisporites Todisporites minor Virginia Barremian Aptian
Alisporites Alisporites bilateralis Virginia Barremian Late Albian
Classopollis Classopollis torosus Virginia Barremian Late Albian
Exesipollenites Exesipollenites tumulus Virginia Barremian Late Albian
Parvisaccites Parvisaccites radiatus Virginia Barremian Late Albian
Perinopollenites Perinopollenites elatoides Virginia Barremian Late Albian
Spheripollenites Spheripollenites psilatus Virginia Barremian Middle Albian
Klukisporites Klukisporites variegatus Virginia Barremian Middle Albian
Concavissimisporites Concavissimisporites variverrucatus Virginia Barremian Aptian
Kuylisporites Kuylisporites lunaris Virginia Barremian Aptian
Ephedripites Ephedripites multicostatus Virginia Barremian Aptian
Densoisporites Densoisporites perinatus Virginia Barremian Aptian
Acanthotriletes Acanthotriletes varispinosus Virginia Albian
Aequitriradites Aequitriradites spinulosus Virginia Early Albian Late Albian