Evidence from Earlier times.
Couper,R.A. (1951) Evidence from Earlier times. New Zealand Science Review Symposium Vol. 9 # 1 P. 10- 12
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Beilschmiedia Beilschmiedia New Zealand Miocene Recent
Compositae Compositae New Zealand Oligocene Recent
Conifers Conifers New Zealand Jurassic Recent
Coprosma Coprosma New Zealand Miocene Recent
Cordyline Cordyline New Zealand Miocene Recent
Gleichenia Gleichenia New Zealand Jurassic Recent
Grasses Grasses New Zealand Eocene Recent
Hymenophyllaceae Hymenophyllaceae New Zealand Late Cretaceous Recent
Juncus Juncus New Zealand Oligocene Recent
Liliaceae Liliaceae New Zealand Cretaceous Recent
Myrtaceae Myrtaceae New Zealand Oligocene Recent
Nothofagus Nothofagus fusca New Zealand Late Neogene Recent
Nothofagus Nothofagus menziesii New Zealand Cretaceous Recent
Osmundaceae Osmundaceae New Zealand Jurassic Recent
Phormium Phormium New Zealand Late Neogene Recent
Proteaceae Proteaceae New Zealand Cretaceous Recent
Restionaceae Restionaceae New Zealand Oligocene Recent