Revision of Gleicheniidites senonicus Ross.
Skarby,A. (1964) Revision of Gleicheniidites senonicus Ross. Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis, Stockholm Contributions in Geology Vol. 11 # 3 P. 59- 77
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Alsophila Alsophila Nd Nd
Alsophila Alsophila arcuata Nd Nd
Auritulina Auritulina Nd Nd
Cingulatisporites Cingulatisporites interruptus Nd Nd
Cingulatisporites Cingulatisporites parvicingulas Nd Nd
Cingulatisporites Cingulatisporites pseudoneddeni Nd Nd
Cingutriletes Cingutriletes Nd Nd
Concavisporites Concavisporites Nd Nd
Concavisporites Concavisporites acutus Nd Nd
Concavisporites Concavisporites arugulatus Nd Nd
Concavisporites Concavisporites obtusangulus Nd Nd
Duplosporis Duplosporis Nd Nd
Duplosporis Duplosporis typus sp. nov. Nd Nd
Fasciatisporites Fasciatisporites Nd Nd
Fasciatisporites Fasciatisporites divergens Nd Nd
Gleichenia Gleichenia Nd Nd
Gleichenia Gleichenia angulata Nd Nd