The Yellowstone Paleontological Survey.
Santucci,V.L. (1998) The Yellowstone Paleontological Survey. The Yellowstone Paleontological Survey Vol. 98 # 1 P. 1- 51
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Sequoia Sequoia affinis Wyoming Eocene
Pinus Pinus albicaulis Wyoming Quaternary
Potamogeton Potamogeton alpinus Wyoming Quaternary
Carpinus Carpinus ancipites Wyoming Eocene
Typha Typha angustifolia Wyoming Quaternary
Populus Populus balsamoides Wyoming Quaternary
Shepherdia Shepherdia canadensis Wyoming Eocene
Betula Betula claripites Wyoming Quaternary
Juniperus Juniperus communis Wyoming Quaternary
Pinus Pinus contorta Wyoming Quaternary
Momipites Momipites coryloides Wyoming Eocene
Selaginella Selaginella densa Wyoming Quaternary
Deltoidospora Deltoidospora diaphana Wyoming Eocene
Picea Picea engelmannii Wyoming Quaternary
Potamogeton Potamogeton filiformis Wyoming Quaternary
Pinus Pinus flexilis Wyoming Quaternary
Quercus Quercus furcinervis Wyoming Eocene