Karasev E.V. New genus Navipelta (Peltaspermales, Pteridospermae) from Permian-Triassic boundary of Moscow sineclise, Russia // Paleontol. J., 2009. V. 43. № 10. P. 1–10 [pdf] [doi]

The Vologda Region, left bank of the Kichmenga River, near the village of Nedubrovo, locality Nedubrovo; latest Permian- lower Triassic, Vetlugian Group, Vokhma Horizon, Nedubrovo Formation

Navipelta resinifera, abaxial side

Specimen PIN 4820/141a and 141b (part and counterpart), holotype, figured at plate 17, fig. 1-2. in caption misinterpeted as adaxial side, correct interpretation is abaxial.

Navipelta resinifera, adaxial side with seed scars

Specimen PIN 4820/46

Specimen PIN 4820/47 (counterpart of PIN 4820/46)

Specimen PIN 4820/715, part and counterpart. Figured at plate 18, fig. 3 with uncorrect number 4820/15