Palynological studies of the Cenozoic sediments of the Himalayan Foothills.
Mathur,Y.K. et al. (1979) Palynological studies of the Cenozoic sediments of the Himalayan Foothills. Geological Survey of India, Miscellaneous Publication # 41 P. 103- 110
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Abietineaepollenites Abietineaepollenites India(Uttar Pradesh) Oligocene Miocene
Abietineaepollenites Abietineaepollenites India(Punjab) Oligocene Miocene
Alnipollenites Alnipollenites India(Uttar Pradesh) Oligocene Miocene
Alnipollenites Alnipollenites India(Punjab) Oligocene Miocene
Alsophilidites Alsophilidites India(Uttar Pradesh) Oligocene Miocene
Alsophilidites Alsophilidites India(Punjab) Oligocene Miocene
Anacolosidites Anacolosidites India(Uttar Pradesh) Paleocene Eocene
Anacolosidites Anacolosidites India(Punjab) Paleocene Eocene
Arecipites Arecipites India(Uttar Pradesh) Oligocene Miocene
Arecipites Arecipites India(Punjab) Oligocene Miocene
Baltisphaeridium Baltisphaeridium India(Uttar Pradesh) Paleocene Eocene
Baltisphaeridium Baltisphaeridium India(Punjab) Paleocene Eocene
Betulaepollenites Betulaepollenites India(Uttar Pradesh) Oligocene Miocene
Betulaepollenites Betulaepollenites India(Punjab) Oligocene Miocene
Botryococcus Botryococcus braunii India(Uttar Pradesh) Paleocene Eocene
Botryococcus Botryococcus braunii India(Punjab) Paleocene Eocene
Cannosphaeropsis Cannosphaeropsis India(Uttar Pradesh) Paleocene Eocene