Palynological data of the Neogene Marginal facies in Hungary.
Nagy,E. (1979) Palynological data of the Neogene Marginal facies in Hungary. Fourth International Palynology Conference, Lucknow, 1976-1977, Proceedings Vol. 2 P. 444- 449
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Abies Abies Hungary Badenian Sarmatian
Alangiopollis Alangiopollis barghoornianum Hungary Eggenburgian
Alnus Alnus Hungary Early Egerian
Betula Betula Hungary Eggenburgian
Botryococcus Botryococcus braunii Hungary Tertiary Eggenburgian
Calamus Calamus Hungary Early Egerian
Caprifoliaceae Caprifoliaceae Hungary Sarmatian
Carpinus Carpinus Hungary Late Egerian Eggenburgian
Carya Carya Hungary Late Egerian Karpathian
Castanea Castanea Hungary Early Egerian Eggenburgian
Chenopodiaceae Chenopodiaceae sp Hungary Karpathian
Compositae Compositae Hungary Sarmatian
Coniferae Coniferae sp Hungary Sarmatian
Cooksonella Cooksonella circularis Hungary Ottnangian
Crassosphaera Crassosphaera concinna Hungary
Cyrillaceae Cyrillaceae Hungary Ottnangian Sarmatian
Cyrillaceaepollenites Cyrillaceaepollenites exactus Hungary Egerian