The Triassic palynofloral Sucession in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.
Fisher,M.J. (1979) The Triassic palynofloral Sucession in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists, Contributions Series Vol. 2 # 5 P. 83- 100
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Acanthotriletes Acanthotriletes varius Canada(Arctic) Norian Rhaetian
Aculeispores Aculeispores variabilis Canada(Arctic) Griesbachian
Alisporites Alisporites aequalis Canada(Arctic) Anisian
Alisporites Alisporites cymbatus Canada(Arctic) Spathian
Alisporites Alisporites grauvogeli Canada(Arctic) Smithian Anisian
Alisporites Alisporites parvus Canada(Arctic) Norian Rhaetian
Alisporites Alisporites perlucidus Canada(Arctic) Ladinian Carnian
Alisporites Alisporites progrediens Canada(Arctic) Smithian Anisian
Anaplanisporites Anaplanisporites stipulatus Canada(Arctic) Dienerian Spathian
Annulispora Annulispora cicatricosa Canada(Arctic) Rhaetian
Apiculatisporis Apiculatisporis lanjouwii Canada(Arctic) Dienerian Spathian
Apiculatisporis Apiculatisporis parvispinosus Canada(Arctic) Norian Rhaetian
Aratrisporites Aratrisporites coryliseminis Canada(Arctic) Norian
Aratrisporites Aratrisporites fischeri Canada(Arctic) Spathian Anisian
Aratrisporites Aratrisporites paenulatus Canada(Arctic) Smithian Spathian
Aratrisporites Aratrisporites palettae Canada(Arctic) Anisian Rhaetian
Aratrisporites Aratrisporites paraspinosus Canada(Arctic) Anisian