Jurassic and Cretaceous megaspores.
Sweet,A.R. (1979) Jurassic and Cretaceous megaspores. American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists, Contributions Series Vol. 2 # 5 P. 1- 30
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Arcellites Arcellites disciformis Canada(Arctic) Middle Albian Turonian
Arcellites Arcellites disciformis Canada(NWT) Aptian Albian
Arcellites Arcellites incipiens Canada(NWT) Aptian Albian
Arcellites Arcellites reticulatus Canada(Arctic) Middle Albian Turonian
Ariadnaesporites Ariadnaesporites cristatus Canada(Arctic) Late Cretaceous
Ariadnaesporites Ariadnaesporites fluviatilis Canada(Arctic) Late Cretaceous
Ariadnaesporites Ariadnaesporites intermedius Canada(Arctic) Middle Albian Turonian
Auriculozonospora Auriculozonospora reticulata Canada(Alberta) Late Jurassic Early Cretaceous
Azollopsis Azollopsis Canada(Arctic) Late Cretaceous
Bacutriletes Bacutriletes greenlandicus Canada(Arctic) Middle Albian Turonian
Bacutriletes Bacutriletes sp.A sp. nov. Canada(Arctic) Late Cretaceous
Balmeisporites Balmeisporites holodictyus Canada(Arctic) Middle Albian Turonian
Callistosporites Callistosporites graniferus Canada(NWT) Aptian Albian
Callistosporites Callistosporites sp.A sp. nov. Canada(NWT) Aptian Albian
Costatheca Costatheca dakotaensis Canada(Arctic) Late Cretaceous
Costatheca Costatheca diskoensis Canada(Arctic) Middle Albian Late Albian
Costatheca Costatheca diskoensis Canada(Arctic) Late Cretaceous