Palynological studies on Paleogene deposits in South Bulgaria.
Chernyavska,S. (1977) Palynological studies on Paleogene deposits in South Bulgaria. Geologica Balcanica Vol. 7 # 4 P. 3- 26
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Tricolporopollenites Tricolporopollenites quisqualis Bulgaria Late Eocene Miocene
Tricolporopollenites Tricolporopollenites satzveyensis Bulgaria Late Eocene
Trilites Trilites multivallatus Bulgaria Oligocene
Trilites Trilites parvallatus Bulgaria Late Eocene Oligocene
Trilites Trilites solidus Bulgaria Late Eocene
Triplanosporites Triplanosporites sinomaxoides Bulgaria Late Eocene
Trivestibulopollenites Trivestibulopollenites veloides Bulgaria Late Oligocene Miocene
Undulatisporites Undulatisporites intrareticulatus Bulgaria Late Eocene
Undulozonosporites Undulozonosporites concavus Bulgaria Late Eocene
Verrucatosporites Verrucatosporites alienus Bulgaria Early Oligocene Miocene
Verrucatosporites Verrucatosporites favus Bulgaria Late Eocene Miocene
Verrucatosporites Verrucatosporites histiopteroides Bulgaria Late Oligocene Miocene
Verrucatosporites Verrucatosporites pseudoalienus Bulgaria Middle Oligocene
Verrucingulatisporites Verrucingulatisporites undulatus Bulgaria Early Oligocene Miocene
Verrucingulatisporites Verrucingulatisporites verrucatus Bulgaria Late Eocene
Zonalapollenites Zonalapollenites gracilis Bulgaria Late Oligocene
Zonalapollenites Zonalapollenites igniculus Bulgaria Early Oligocene Miocene