Palynological studies on Paleogene deposits in South Bulgaria.
Chernyavska,S. (1977) Palynological studies on Paleogene deposits in South Bulgaria. Geologica Balcanica Vol. 7 # 4 P. 3- 26
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Leiotriletes Leiotriletes sinuosoides Bulgaria Late Eocene Miocene
Leiotriletes Leiotriletes wolffii Bulgaria Middle Oligocene Miocene
Lusatisporis Lusatisporis sp Bulgaria Late Eocene Middle Oligocene
Mediocolpopollis Mediocolpopollis compactus Bulgaria Late Eocene
Microfoveolatosporis Microfoveolatosporis afavus Bulgaria Late Eocene
Monocolpopollenites Monocolpopollenites amplitudo Bulgaria Middle Oligocene Miocene
Monocolpopollenites Monocolpopollenites parareolatus Bulgaria Late Oligocene Miocene
Monocolpopollenites Monocolpopollenites tranquillus Bulgaria Late Eocene Oligocene
Monoleiotriletes Monoleiotriletes gracilis Bulgaria Late Eocene Oligocene
Muerrigerisporis Muerrigerisporis muerrigeri Bulgaria Early Oligocene
Neogenisporis Neogenisporis neogenicus Bulgaria Late Oligocene Miocene
Periporopollenites Periporopollenites stigmosus Bulgaria Middle Oligocene Miocene
Piceapollis Piceapollis sp Bulgaria Late Oligocene Miocene
Pityosporites Pityosporites cedrisacciformis Bulgaria Early Oligocene Miocene
Pityosporites Pityosporites labdacus Bulgaria Late Eocene Miocene
Pityosporites Pityosporites microalatus Bulgaria Late Eocene Miocene
Plicapollis Plicapollis pseudoexcelsus Bulgaria Late Eocene