A guide to the identification of Jurassic dinoflagellate cysts.
Sarjeant,W.A.S. (1978) A guide to the identification of Jurassic dinoflagellate cysts. Louisiana State University, School of Geoscience, Miscellaneous Publication Vol. 78 # 1 P. 1- 107
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Acanthaulax Acanthaulax paliuros Nd Middle Oxfordian Late Oxfordian
Acanthaulax Acanthaulax venusta Nd Middle Oxfordian Early Kimmeridgian
Adnatosphaeridium Adnatosphaeridium aemulum Nd Callovian Late Kimmeridgian
Adnatosphaeridium Adnatosphaeridium caulleryi Nd Callovian Cretaceous
Adnatosphaeridium Adnatosphaeridium filamentosum Nd Callovian Oxfordian
Adnatosphaeridium Adnatosphaeridium paucispinum Nd Early Oxfordian Late Kimmeridgian
Adnatosphaeridium Adnatosphaeridium perforatum Nd Middle Bathonian Late Callovian
Amphorula Amphorula metaelliptica Nd Middle Kimmeridgian Late Kimmeridgian
Belodinium Belodinium dysculum Nd Early Oxfordian Early Portlandian
Belodinium Belodinium obsoletum Nd Late Bathonian
Biorbifera Biorbifera johnewingii Nd Early Portlandian Early Cretaceous
Broomea Broomea ramosa Nd Middle Kimmeridgian Cretaceous
Canningia Canningia reticulata Nd Nd
Cannosphaeropsis Cannosphaeropsis mirabilis Nd Nd
Cantulodinium Cantulodinium protuberatum Nd Nd
Chlamydophorella Chlamydophorella membranoidea Nd Kimmeridgian
Chlamydophorella Chlamydophorella raritubula Nd Late Bathonian Early Callovian