Micropalaeontological biostratigraphy of offshore samples from South-West Britain.
Warrington,G. et al. (1977) Micropalaeontological biostratigraphy of offshore samples from South-West Britain. Institute of Geological Sciences,Report Vol. 77 # 7 P. 1- 49
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Acanthaulax Acanthaulax spinosissima England Callovian Oxfordian
Acanthodiacrodium Acanthodiacrodium angustum England Tremadocian
Acanthodiacrodium Acanthodiacrodium decipiens England Tremadocian
Acanthodiacrodium Acanthodiacrodium ubuii England Tremadocian
Acritarchs Acritarchs sp England Late Triassic Early Jurassic
Adnatosphaeridium Adnatosphaeridium aemulum England Late Bathonian
Adnatosphaeridium Adnatosphaeridium apiculatum England Portlandian
Aequitriradites Aequitriradites spinulosus England Purbeckian Ryazanian
Aptea Aptea polymorpha England Early Aptian
Archaeohystrichosphaeridium Archaeohystrichosphaeridium pungens England Tremadocian
Areosphaeridium Areosphaeridium diktyoplokum England Early Eocene Middle Eocene
Calamospora Calamospora sp England Namurian Westphalian
Callialasporites Callialasporites dampieri England Middle Jurassic Early Cretaceous
Cauca Cauca parva England Middle Aptian
Chasmatosporites Chasmatosporites magnolioides England Early Jurassic
Chatangiella Chatangiella spectabilis England Late Turonian Campanian
Chatangiella Chatangiella victoriensis England Late Turonian Santonian