Palynological horizons of the Upper Paleozoic of West Angaraland.
Dibner,A.F. (1976) Palynological horizons of the Upper Paleozoic of West Angaraland. International Palynological Conference,4th,Proceedings, Lucknow, 1976-1977 P. 42- 43
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Cordaitina Cordaitina USSR(Siberia) Early Permian
Cordaitina Cordaitina USSR(Taymyr Nat.Okrug) Early Permian
Cyclobaculisporites Cyclobaculisporites trichacanthus USSR(Siberia) Middle Carboniferous
Cyclobaculisporites Cyclobaculisporites trichacanthus USSR(Taymyr Nat.Okrug) Middle Carboniferous
Cyclogranisporites Cyclogranisporites USSR(Siberia) Late Permian
Cyclogranisporites Cyclogranisporites USSR(Taymyr Nat.Okrug) Late Permian
Entylissa Entylissa USSR(Siberia) Late Permian
Entylissa Entylissa USSR(Taymyr Nat.Okrug) Late Permian
Leiotriletes Leiotriletes USSR(Siberia) Late Permian
Leiotriletes Leiotriletes USSR(Taymyr Nat.Okrug) Late Permian
Lophotriletes Lophotriletes USSR(Siberia) Early Permian
Lophotriletes Lophotriletes USSR(Taymyr Nat.Okrug) Late Permian
Marsupipollenites Marsupipollenites USSR(Siberia) Early Permian
Marsupipollenites Marsupipollenites USSR(Taymyr Nat.Okrug) Early Permian
Punctatisporites Punctatisporites glaber USSR(Siberia) Late Permian
Punctatisporites Punctatisporites glaber USSR(Taymyr Nat.Okrug) Late Permian
Raistrickia Raistrickia USSR(Siberia) Early Permian