Geology of Hopen, Svalbard.
Smith,D.G. et al. (1975) Geology of Hopen, Svalbard. Geological Magazine Vol. 112 # 1 P. 1- 23
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Anapiculatisporites Anapiculatisporites spiniger Arctic Ocean Carnian Sinemurian
Annulispora Annulispora folliculosa Arctic Ocean Carnian Toarcian
Aratrisporites Aratrisporites fischeri Arctic Ocean Carnian
Camarozonosporites Camarozonosporites laevigatus Arctic Ocean Rhaetian
Camarozonosporites Camarozonosporites rudis Arctic Ocean Carnian Sinemurian
Cerebropollenites Cerebropollenites thiergartii Arctic Ocean Hettangian Toarcian
Chasmatosporites Chasmatosporites apertus Arctic Ocean Rhaetian Toarcian
Chasmatosporites Chasmatosporites hians Arctic Ocean Rhaetian Hettangian
Chasmatosporites Chasmatosporites major Arctic Ocean Rhaetian Toarcian
Classopollis Classopollis torosus Arctic Ocean Norian Toarcian
Conbaculatisporites Conbaculatisporites hungaricus Arctic Ocean Norian Rhaetian
Duplexisporites Duplexisporites scanicus Arctic Ocean Carnian Toarcian
Equisetosporites Equisetosporites chinleanus Arctic Ocean Carnian Norian
Eucommiidites Eucommiidites troedssonii Arctic Ocean Norian Toarcian
Foraminisporis Foraminisporis jurassicus Arctic Ocean Norian Toarcian
Granulatisporites Granulatisporites subgranulosus Arctic Ocean Hettangian Toarcian
Granuloperculatipollis Granuloperculatipollis rudis Arctic Ocean Norian Hettangian