Neogene Tertiary of Japan and the fossil pollen assemblages.
Tokunaga,S. (1963) Neogene Tertiary of Japan and the fossil pollen assemblages. Fossils # 5 P. 79- 86
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Abies Abies Japan(Honshu I.) Miocene Early Pliocene
Alnus Alnus Japan(Honshu I.) Early Miocene Late Neogene
Betula Betula Japan(Hokkaido I.) Middle Miocene
Carpinus Carpinus Japan(Hokkaido I.) Middle Miocene
Castanea Castanea Japan(Honshu I.) Middle Miocene
Compositae Compositae Japan(Honshu I.) Late Pliocene
Corylus Corylus Japan(Hokkaido I.) Middle Miocene
Cupressaceae Cupressaceae Japan(Honshu I.) Late Miocene
Ericaceae Ericaceae Japan(Hokkaido I.) Middle Miocene
Fagus Fagus Japan(Honshu I.) Middle Miocene
Filicineae Filicineae Japan(Honshu I.) Late Neogene
Ginkgo Ginkgo Japan(Honshu I.) Middle Miocene
Glyptostrobus Glyptostrobus Japan(Honshu I.) Miocene
Inaperturopollenites Inaperturopollenites dubius Japan(Honshu I.) Late Miocene
Juglans Juglans Japan(Honshu I.) Miocene
Larix Larix Japan(Hokkaido I.) Middle Miocene
Liquidambar Liquidambar Japan(Honshu I.) Early Miocene Middle Miocene