Observations on the nature of the acritarchs
Downie,C. (1973) Observations on the nature of the acritarchs Palaeontology Vol. 16 # 2 P. 239- 259
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Acanthodiacrodium Acanthodiacrodium Nd Late Cambrian Early Ordovician
Acanthodiacrodium Acanthodiacrodium sp England Tremadocian
Acanthodiacrodium Acanthodiacrodium sp USSR Tremadocian
Actipilion Actipilion Nd Middle Ordovician
Ammonidium Ammonidium Nd Late Gothlandian Late Devonian
Ammonidium Ammonidium sp. Down.,1973 sp. nov. USA Early Devonian
Anthatractus Anthatractus Nd Middle Gothlandian Early Devonian
Arbusculidium Arbusculidium Nd Early Cambrian
Aremoricanium Aremoricanium Nd Ordovician
Aremoricanium Aremoricanium sp USA Ashgillian
Asketopalla Asketopalla Nd Middle Ordovician
Axisphaeridium Axisphaeridium Nd Middle Ordovician
Bacisphaeridium Bacisphaeridium Nd Late Ordovician
Bacisphaeridium Bacisphaeridium sp England Caradocian
Baiomeniscus Baiomeniscus Nd Middle Gothlandian
Baltisphaeridium Baltisphaeridium Nd Cambrian Early Gothlandian
Buedingiisphaeridium Buedingiisphaeridium Nd Late Gothlandian Late Devonian