On the paleophyte-Mesophyte boundary
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Yao,Z.-Q. et al. (1980) On the paleophyte-Mesophyte boundary [ In Chinese with English summary ] International Geological Congress,26th,Abstracts Vol. 4 P. 92- 100
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Abiespollenites Abiespollenites sp China Early Triassic
Alisporites Alisporites sp China Late Permian
Anticapipollis Anticapipollis sp China Early Permian
Anticapipollis Anticapipollis tornatilis China Permian
Apiculatasporites Apiculatasporites perirugosus China Early Triassic
Apiculatisporis Apiculatisporis sp China Late Permian
Apiculatisporis Apiculatisporis variocorneus China Early Permian
Apiculatisporis Apiculatisporis weylachinai China Early Permian
Aratrisporites Aratrisporites sp China Triassic
Aratrisporites Aratrisporites yunnanensis China Late Permian Early Triassic
Bactrosporites Bactrosporites diptherus China Late Permian
Bactrosporites Bactrosporites sp China Early Permian
Baculatisporites Baculatisporites xuanweiensis China Late Permian
Calamospora Calamospora pedata China Early Permian
Calamospora Calamospora platyrugosa China Early Permian
Cedripites Cedripites lucidus China Late Permian
Cordaitina Cordaitina sp China Late Permian Triassic