Palynology of the Midway-Wilcox boundary in South-Central Arkansas.
Jones,E.L. (1962) Palynology of the Midway-Wilcox boundary in South-Central Arkansas. Transactions of the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Vol. 12 P. 285- 288
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Anacolosidites Anacolosidites sp Arkansas Eocene
Aquilapollenites Aquilapollenites sp Arkansas Paleocene
Caryapollenites Caryapollenites sp Arkansas Eocene
Cicatricosisporites Cicatricosisporites dorogensis Arkansas Eocene
Cicatricosisporites Cicatricosisporites sp Arkansas Paleocene
Classopollis Classopollis minor Arkansas Paleocene
Corrugatisporites Corrugatisporites sp Arkansas Eocene
Cryptomeriapollenites Cryptomeriapollenites sp Arkansas Eocene
Deltoidospora Deltoidospora Arkansas Paleocene
Deltoidospora Deltoidospora sp Arkansas Eocene
Extratriporopollenites Extratriporopollenites terminalis Arkansas Eocene
Gleicheniidites Gleicheniidites sp Arkansas Paleocene
Hystrichosphaeridium Hystrichosphaeridium Arkansas Paleocene Eocene
Inaperturopollenites Inaperturopollenites sp. Jone.,1962 sp. nov. Arkansas Eocene
Momipites Momipites coryloides Arkansas Paleocene
Momipites Momipites coryloides Arkansas Eocene
Monoporopollenites Monoporopollenites sp Arkansas Eocene