Fossil dinoflagellates
Foreign title:
Dinoflagelles fossiles
Deflandre,G. (1952) Fossil dinoflagellates [ Dinoflagelles fossiles ] Traite de Zoologie. (P.P.Grasse,editor) Vol. 1 P. 391- 406
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Actiniscus Actiniscus Nd Cretaceous Tertiary
Actiniscus Actiniscus elegans Nd Cretaceous Tertiary
Bicarinellum Bicarinellum Nd Tertiary
Bicarinellum Bicarinellum castaninium Nd Tertiary
Biechelerella Biechelerella jurassica Nd Jurassic
Biechelerella Biechelerella sp Nd Jurassic
Blepharocysta Blepharocysta Nd Cretaceous
Calcicarpinum Calcicarpinum Nd Tertiary
Calcicarpinum Calcicarpinum tetraedricum Nd Jurassic
Calcigonellum Calcigonellum Nd Tertiary
Calcigonellum Calcigonellum infula Nd Tertiary
Calciodinellum Calciodinellum Nd Tertiary
Calciodinellum Calciodinellum operosum Nd Tertiary
Calciogranellum Calciogranellum Nd Tertiary
Calciogranellum Calciogranellum limbatum Nd Tertiary
Calcipterellum Calcipterellum Nd Tertiary
Calcipterellum Calcipterellum colomii Nd Tertiary