The biology of Carboniferous spores
Foreign title:
Zur biologie der Karbonischen sporen
Potonie,R. (1955) The biology of Carboniferous spores [ Zur biologie der Karbonischen sporen ] Pal¤eontologische Zeitschrift Vol. 29 # 1 P. 27- 32
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Acanthotriletes Acanthotriletes Nd Carboniferous
Alatisporites Alatisporites Nd Carboniferous
Atheotesta Atheotesta elliptica Nd Carboniferous
Cystosporites Cystosporites giganteus Nd Carboniferous
Endosporites Endosporites Nd Carboniferous
Endosporites Endosporites sp Germany Westphalian
Florinites Florinites Nd Carboniferous
Illinites Illinites Nd Carboniferous
Knoxisporites Knoxisporites instarrotulae Poland Westphalian
Laevigatosporites Laevigatosporites glabratus Nd Carboniferous
Lagenicula Lagenicula horrida Poland Westphalian
Lagenoisporites Lagenoisporites Nd Carboniferous
Lepidostrobus Lepidostrobus major Nd Carboniferous
Microsporites Microsporites Nd Carboniferous
Microsporites Microsporites radiatus Germany Westphalian
Nuskoisporites Nuskoisporites sp Germany Westphalian
Raistrickia Raistrickia Nd Carboniferous