A descriptive index of genera of fossil Dinophyceae and acritarcha.
Norris,G. et al. (1965) A descriptive index of genera of fossil Dinophyceae and acritarcha. New Zealand Geological Survey, Paleontological Bulletin # 40 P. 1- 72
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Acanthodiacrodium Acanthodiacrodium dentiferum Germany Cambrian
Acanthorytidodiacrodium Acanthorytidodiacrodium Nd Nd
Acanthozonodiacrodium Acanthozonodiacrodium Nd Nd
Achomosphaera Achomosphaera ramulifera France Late Cretaceous
Actiniscus Actiniscus elegans Nd Nd
Actinotheca Actinotheca aphroditae Australia(W.Australia) Turonian
Aiora Aiora fenestrata Australia(W.Australia) Senonian
Amphidiadema Amphidiadema denticulata Australia(W.Australia) Campanian
Angularia Angularia viridula USSR(Siberia) Late Cretaceous
Anthatractus Anthatractus insolitus Canada Devonian
Antrosphaera Antrosphaera calloviensis England Late Jurassic
Applanopsis Applanopsis lenticularis Germany Jurassic Cretaceous
Aptea Aptea polymorpha Germany Aptian
Apteodinium Apteodinium granulatum Germany Aptian
Archaeodiscina Archaeodiscina granulata USSR(Estonian SSR) Early Cambrian
Archaeofavosina Archaeofavosina simplex USSR Precambriam
Archaeohystrichosphaeridium Archaeohystrichosphaeridium sp Nd Nd