Representative microfossil floras of some Appalachian Coals
Cross,A.T. et al. (1952) Representative microfossil floras of some Appalachian Coals Comptes Rendu Troisieme Congres de Stratigraphie et de Geologie du Caifere, Heerlen, 1951 Vol. 1 P. 123- 130
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Alatisporites Alatisporites Pennsylvania Early Pennsylvanian Middle Pennsylvanian
Aphanozonati Aphanozonati Pennsylvania Mississippian Permian
Auriculati Auriculati Pennsylvania Mississippian Permian
Cadiospora Cadiospora Pennsylvania Pennsylvanian
Calamospora Calamospora Pennsylvania Pennsylvanian Early Permian
Cirratriradites Cirratriradites Pennsylvania Pennsylvanian
Cystosporites Cystosporites Pennsylvania Middle Pennsylvanian
Densosporites Densosporites Pennsylvania Late Mississippian Westphalian C
Endosporites Endosporites Pennsylvania Westphalian D
Florinites Florinites Pennsylvania Pennsylvanian Early Permian
Granulatisporites Granulatisporites Pennsylvania Pennsylvanian Early Permian
Laevigatosporites Laevigatosporites Pennsylvania Late Mississippian Early Permian
Lagenicula Lagenicula Pennsylvania Mississippian Permian
Lycospora Lycospora Pennsylvania Late Mississippian Westphalian D
Monoletes Monoletes Pennsylvania Late Westphalian B Permian
Punctatisporites Punctatisporites Pennsylvania Pennsylvanian Early Permian
Raistrickia Raistrickia Pennsylvania Pennsylvanian Early Permian