Synopsis of the Sporae in situ.
Foreign title:
Synopsis der sporae in situ.
Potonie,R. (1962) Synopsis of the Sporae in situ. [ Synopsis der sporae in situ. ] Beihefte zum Geologischen Jahrbuch Vol. 52 P. 1- 204
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Acanthotriletes Acanthotriletes Nd Nd
Acitheca Acitheca longifolia Germany Carboniferous
Acitheca Acitheca polymorpha England
Aetheotesta Aetheotesta elliptica France Stephanian
Aetheotesta Aetheotesta subglobosa Nd Nd
Agathis Agathis yallournensis Australia Oligocene
Alethopteris Alethopteris aquilina Nd Nd
Alisporites Alisporites Nd Nd
Androstrobus Androstrobus manis England(Yorkshire) Middle Jurassic
Androstrobus Androstrobus prisma England(Yorkshire) Jurassic
Androstrobus Androstrobus wonnacottii England(Yorkshire) Middle Jurassic
Anemia Anemia colwellensis England Eocene
Anemia Anemia fremonti Wyoming Late Cretaceous
Aneurophyton Aneurophyton germanicum Germany Middle Devonian
Antevsia Antevsia zeilleri Germany Rhaetian
Antholithus Antholithus arberi England Middle Jurassic
Antholithus Antholithus wettsteinii Germany Triassic