Palynology of the Alliance Well.
Wijmstra,T.A. (1969) Palynology of the Alliance Well. Geologie en Mijnbouw Vol. 48 # 2 P. 125- 133
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Alnus Alnus Surinam Late Neogene Pleistocene
Bombacacidites Bombacacidites annaeoides Surinam Paleocene Eocene
Byrsonima Byrsonima Surinam Late Miocene Pleistocene
Catostemma Catostemma Surinam Miocene Pleistocene
Chenopodiaceae Chenopodiaceae Surinam Miocene Pleistocene
Clavainaperturites Clavainaperturites clavatus Surinam Miocene
Clavastephanocolporites Clavastephanocolporites ambigens Surinam Eocene
Compositae Compositae Surinam Late Neogene Pleistocene
Crassoretitriletes Crassoretitriletes vanraadshoovenii Surinam Miocene
Cricotriporites Cricotriporites guianensis Surinam Eocene
Crototricolpites Crototricolpites americanus Surinam Eocene
Crototricolpites Crototricolpites annemariae Surinam Eocene
Cuphea Cuphea Surinam Late Neogene Pleistocene
Curatella Curatella Surinam Late Neogene Pleistocene
Curvimonocolpites Curvimonocolpites inornatus Surinam Eocene
Didimopanax Didimopanax Surinam Late Neogene Pleistocene
Didymopanax Didymopanax Surinam Late Neogene Pleistocene