The coal-bearing group in the Nenana Coalfield, Alaska.
Wahrhaftig,C. et al. (1969) The coal-bearing group in the Nenana Coalfield, Alaska. United States Geological Survey, Bulletin # 1274 P. 1- 30
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Acer Acer Alaska Middle Miocene
Alfaroa Alfaroa Alaska Late Oligocene
Alnus Alnus Alaska Middle Miocene
Aquilapollenites Aquilapollenites Alaska Late Miocene
Aquilapollenites Aquilapollenites sp Alaska Late Oligocene
Betula Betula Alaska Middle Miocene
Betulaceae Betulaceae Alaska Late Miocene
Carpinus Carpinus Alaska Late Miocene
Carya Carya Alaska Late Miocene
Cedrela Cedrela Alaska Late Oligocene
Compositae Compositae Alaska Early Miocene
Cuphea Cuphea Alaska Late Oligocene
Diervilla Diervilla Alaska Late Miocene
Engelhardtia Engelhardtia Alaska Late Oligocene
Ephedra Ephedra Alaska Early Miocene
Fagus Fagus Alaska Middle Miocene
Ginkgaletes Ginkgaletes Alaska Early Miocene