The Yellowstone Paleontological Survey.
Santucci,V.L. (1998) The Yellowstone Paleontological Survey. The Yellowstone Paleontological Survey Vol. 98 # 1 P. 1- 51
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Hamamelis Hamamelis sp Wyoming Eocene
Hymenophyllaceae Hymenophyllaceae sp Wyoming Eocene
Hymenophyllumsporites Hymenophyllumsporites sp Wyoming Eocene
Icacinaceae Icacinaceae sp Wyoming Eocene
Ilex Ilex sp Wyoming Quaternary
Juglandaceae Juglandaceae sp Wyoming Eocene Quaternary
Juglans Juglans sp Wyoming Quaternary
Juniperus Juniperus communis Wyoming Quaternary
Juniperus Juniperus sp Wyoming Eocene
Juniperus Juniperus virginiana Wyoming Quaternary
Laevigatosporites Laevigatosporites ovatus Wyoming Eocene
Laevigatosporites Laevigatosporites sp Wyoming Eocene
Larix Larix sp Wyoming Eocene
Lauraceae Lauraceae sp Wyoming Eocene
Leguminosae Leguminosae sp Wyoming Eocene Quaternary
Leiotriletes Leiotriletes sp Wyoming Eocene
Lentibulariaceae Lentibulariaceae sp Wyoming Quaternary