The Yellowstone Paleontological Survey.
Santucci,V.L. (1998) The Yellowstone Paleontological Survey. The Yellowstone Paleontological Survey Vol. 98 # 1 P. 1- 51
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Cruciferae Cruciferae sp Wyoming Eocene
Cupanieidites Cupanieidites sp Wyoming Eocene
Cupressaceae Cupressaceae sp Wyoming Eocene
Cyatheaceae Cyatheaceae sp Wyoming Eocene
Cyathidites Cyathidites minor Wyoming Eocene
Cycadaceae Cycadaceae sp Wyoming Eocene
Cycadopites Cycadopites sp Wyoming Eocene
Cyperaceae Cyperaceae sp Wyoming Quaternary
Cyperacites Cyperacites sp Wyoming Eocene
Cyrillaceae Cyrillaceae sp Wyoming Eocene
Deltoidospora Deltoidospora diaphana Wyoming Eocene
Deltoidospora Deltoidospora hallii Wyoming Eocene
Ebenaceae Ebenaceae sp Wyoming Eocene
Eleagnaceae Eleagnaceae sp Wyoming Quaternary
Ephedra Ephedra sp Wyoming Eocene
Ephedra Ephedra torreyana Wyoming Quaternary
Ephedra Ephedra viridis Wyoming Quaternary