The Yellowstone Paleontological Survey.
Santucci,V.L. (1998) The Yellowstone Paleontological Survey. The Yellowstone Paleontological Survey Vol. 98 # 1 P. 1- 51
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Betulaceae Betulaceae sp Wyoming Eocene
Bombacaceae Bombacaceae sp Wyoming Eocene
Bombacacidites Bombacacidites sp Wyoming Eocene
Boraginaceae Boraginaceae sp Wyoming Quaternary
Broussonetia Broussonetia sp Wyoming Eocene
Burseraceae Burseraceae sp Wyoming Eocene
Callitriche Callitriche sp Wyoming Quaternary
Campanulaceae Campanulaceae sp Wyoming Quaternary
Cardioangulina Cardioangulina sp Wyoming Eocene
Carpinus Carpinus ancipites Wyoming Eocene
Cedrus Cedrus sp Wyoming Eocene
Chara Chara sp Wyoming Quaternary
Chenopodiaceae Chenopodiaceae sp Wyoming Eocene Quaternary
Combretaceae Combretaceae sp Wyoming Quaternary
Compositae Compositae sp Wyoming Eocene
Cornaceae Cornaceae sp Wyoming Eocene
Crassulaceae Crassulaceae sp Wyoming Quaternary