Pollen for Volga stratigraphic division of Paleogenic sediments
Kuznetsova,T.A. (1965) Pollen for Volga stratigraphic division of Paleogenic sediments Pollen et Spores Vol. 7 # 3 P. 533- 538
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Anacolosidites Anacolosidites supplingensis USSR(European) Eocene
Aralia Aralia sp USSR(European) Eocene
Basopollis Basopollis orthobasalis USSR(European) Paleocene
Caryites Caryites sp USSR(European) Eocene
Castanea Castanea crenataeformis USSR(European) Eocene
Castanopsis Castanopsis pseudocingulum USSR(European) Eocene
Castanopsis Castanopsis sp USSR(European) Eocene
Extratriporopollenites Extratriporopollenites animus USSR(European) Paleocene
Extratriporopollenites Extratriporopollenites menneri USSR(European) Paleocene
Fagus Fagus sp USSR(European) Eocene
Moraceae Moraceae USSR(European) Eocene
Myrica Myrica carolinensiformis USSR(European) Eocene
Myrica Myrica esculentiformis USSR(European) Eocene
Myricacites Myricacites sp USSR(European) Eocene
Nudopollis Nudopollis thiergartii USSR(European) Paleocene
Oculopollis Oculopollis giganteus USSR(European) Paleocene
Oculopollis Oculopollis sp USSR(European) Paleocene