Original plant fossils from the Eocene of Hungary.
Foreign title:
Hungariae originales plantae fossiles Eocaenicae
Rakosi,L. (1971) Original plant fossils from the Eocene of Hungary. [ Hungariae originales plantae fossiles Eocaenicae ] Annales Instituti Geologici Publici Hungarici,(Budapest) Vol. 54 # 4 P. 155- 160
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Apicrassizonosporites Apicrassizonosporites bauxitus Hungary Eocene
Apicrassizonosporites Apicrassizonosporites concavus Hungary Eocene
Apicrassizonosporites Apicrassizonosporites ganti Hungary Eocene
Camarozonosporites Camarozonosporites crassimurus Hungary Middle Eocene
Cicatricosisporites Cicatricosisporites hungaricus Hungary Eocene
Cicatricosisporites Cicatricosisporites irregularis Hungary Middle Eocene
Cicatricososporites Cicatricososporites dorogensis Hungary Middle Eocene
Diporites Diporites iszkaszentgyorgyi Hungary Eocene
Disulcites Disulcites minor Hungary Middle Eocene
Dubiosporites Dubiosporites ornatus Hungary Eocene
Duplosporis Duplosporis gelletichi Hungary Eocene
Gemmatosporis Gemmatosporis europaeus Hungary Eocene
Granulatisporites Granulatisporites paleogenicus Hungary Eocene
Inaperturopollenites Inaperturopollenites minor Hungary Eocene
Krutzschisporites Krutzschisporites transdanubicus Hungary Eocene
Laevigatisporites Laevigatisporites dorogensis Hungary Eocene
Laevigatisporites Laevigatisporites giganteus Hungary Eocene