Upper Bajocian to Callovian, (Juarassic), dinoflagellate cysts from central Poland.
Poulsen,N.E. (1998) Upper Bajocian to Callovian, (Juarassic), dinoflagellate cysts from central Poland. Acta Geologica Polonica Vol. 48 # 3 P. 237- 245
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Adnatosphaeridium Adnatosphaeridium caulleryi Poland Middle Bathonian Late Callovian
Aldorfia Aldorfia aldorfensis Poland Early Bathonian Middle Bathonian
Aldorfia Aldorfia dictyota Poland Early Callovian
Amphorula Amphorula metaelliptica Poland Late Bathonian
Atopodinium Atopodinium haromense Poland Early Bathonian Late Bathonian
Atopodinium Atopodinium polygonale Poland Late Bajocian Early Bathonian
Atopodinium Atopodinium prostatum Poland Early Bathonian Late Callovian
Carpathodinium Carpathodinium predae Poland Early Bathonian
Chytroeisphaeridia Chytroeisphaeridia chytroeides Poland Late Bajocian Late Callovian
Cometodinium Cometodinium jurassicum Poland Middle Bathonian
Cribroperidinium Cribroperidinium crispum Poland Late Bajocian
Cribroperidinium Cribroperidinium sp Poland Early Callovian
Ctenidodinium Ctenidodinium combazii Poland Late Bajocian Late Bathonian
Ctenidodinium Ctenidodinium continuum Poland Late Bajocian Early Callovian
Ctenidodinium Ctenidodinium cornigerum Poland Early Bathonian Late Bathonian
Ctenidodinium Ctenidodinium ornatum Poland Late Bathonian
Dapsilidinium Dapsilidinium deflandrei Poland Early Bathonian