Paleofloristic and paleoclimatic implications of Neogene palynofloras in China
Wang,W.-M. (1994) Paleofloristic and paleoclimatic implications of Neogene palynofloras in China Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology Vol. 82 # 4 P. 239- 250
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Caryapollenites Caryapollenites China(N.China) Late Pliocene
Caryapollenites Caryapollenites China(Inner Mongolia) Early Miocene
Caryapollenites Caryapollenites China(Yunnan) Middle Miocene
Caryophyllidites Caryophyllidites China(Inner Mongolia) Early Miocene
Cheleutochroa Cheleutochroa sp Czech Republic Caradocian
Cheleutochroa Cheleutochroa sp Oklahoma Ashgillian
Chenopodiaceae Chenopodiaceae China(N.China) Middle Miocene Pliocene
Chenopodipollenites Chenopodipollenites China(N.China) Early Miocene Middle Miocene
Chenopodipollis Chenopodipollis China(Inner Mongolia) Early Miocene
Chenopodipollis Chenopodipollis China(Yunnan) Middle Miocene
Cichoriaearumpollenites Cichoriaearumpollenites China(Inner Mongolia) Early Miocene
Comasphaeridium Comasphaeridium denseprocessum Czech Republic Late Arenigian Late Ashgillian
Compositae Compositae China(N.China) Middle Miocene Pliocene
Compositoipollenites Compositoipollenites China(Inner Mongolia) Early Miocene
Coryloidites Coryloidites China(Inner Mongolia) Early Miocene
Coryphidium Coryphidium bohemicum Czech Republic Late Arenigian
Coryphidium Coryphidium bohemicum Germany Arenigian Llanvirnian