Mesozoic palynomorphs from the North West Shelf, offshore Western Australia
Burger,D. (1996) Mesozoic palynomorphs from the North West Shelf, offshore Western Australia Palynology Vol. 20 P. 49- 103
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Acanthaulax Acanthaulax tenuiceras Australia(Offshore) Tithonian Barremian
Achomosphaera Achomosphaera sp.A Back.,1988 sp. nov. Australia(Offshore) Tithonian Barremian
Adnatosphaeridium Adnatosphaeridium sp Australia(Offshore) Late Kimmeridgian Early Valanginian
Aiora Aiora fenestrata Australia(Offshore) Late Kimmeridgian
Alisporites Alisporites grandis Australia(Offshore) Late Norian Aptian
Alisporites Alisporites lowoodensis Australia(Offshore) Late Norian Early Hettangian
Alisporites Alisporites similis Australia(Offshore) Late Norian Aptian
Anapiculatisporites Anapiculatisporites pristidentatus Australia(Offshore) Late Norian Aptian
Andreedinium Andreedinium erregulense Australia(Offshore) Triassic Early Bajocian
Annulispora Annulispora folliculosa Australia(Offshore) Late Norian Early Hettangian
Antulsporites Antulsporites saevus Australia(Offshore) Toarcian Early Barremian
Antulsporites Antulsporites sp.A sp. nov. Australia(Offshore) Kimmeridgian
Aprobolocysta Aprobolocysta alata Australia(Offshore) Late Hauterivian Barremian
Aprobolocysta Aprobolocysta bipartita Australia(Offshore) Late Valanginian Early Barremian
Aprobolocysta Aprobolocysta galeata Australia(Offshore) Late Berriasian Early Barremian
Apteodinium Apteodinium deflandrei Australia(Offshore) Late Hauterivian Early Barremian
Apteodinium Apteodinium granulatum Australia(Offshore) Late Kimmeridgian Late Valanginian