Floral transgression of major geological time zones.
Radforth,N.W. et al. (1956) Floral transgression of major geological time zones. Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada,Series 3 Vol. 50 P. 17- 26
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Acanthotriletes Acanthotriletes sp Nd Pennsylvanian Late Cretaceous
Alisporites Alisporites opii Canada Early Cretaceous Late Cretaceous
Alisporites Alisporites sp Nd Triassic Early Cretaceous
Aquilapollenites Aquilapollenites quadrilobus Canada Late Cretaceous
Betula Betula sp Nd Late Cretaceous Tertiary
Cicatricosisporites Cicatricosisporites dorogensis Canada Late Cretaceous Tertiary
Corrugatisporites Corrugatisporites sp Nd Pennsylvanian Permian
Corrugatisporites Corrugatisporites sp Nd Late Cretaceous
Cycadopites Cycadopites follicularis Canada Early Cretaceous Tertiary
Cycadopitys Cycadopitys ovatus Canada Early Cretaceous Late Cretaceous
Cycads Cycads sp Nd Permian Tertiary
Deltoidospora Deltoidospora diaphana Canada Early Cretaceous Tertiary
Deltoidospora Deltoidospora rhytisma Canada Early Cretaceous
Deltoidospora Deltoidospora rhytisma Canada(British Columbia) Campanian
Elytranthe Elytranthe striatus Canada Late Cretaceous
Juglans Juglans sp Nd Jurassic Tertiary
Laevigatosporites Laevigatosporites albertensis Canada Late Cretaceous Tertiary