A review of the Matoniaceae based on in situ, spores
Konijnenburg-Cittert,J.H.A.Van (1993) A review of the Matoniaceae based on in situ, spores Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology Vol. 78 # 3 P. 235- 267
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Concavisporites Concavisporites sp Nd Nd
Delosorus Delosorus heterophyllus USA Early Cretaceous
Deltoidospora Deltoidospora sp Nd Nd
Dictyophyllidites Dictyophyllidites harrisii Nd Nd
Laccopteris Laccopteris galleyi USA Late Cretaceous
Matonia Matonia braunii Germany Liassic
Matonia Matonia braunii Greenland Liassic
Matonia Matonia braunii England Middle Jurassic
Matonia Matonia braunii USA Early Cretaceous
Matonia Matonia brownii USA Early Cretaceous
Matonidium Matonidium cingulatum India Middle Jurassic Late Jurassic
Matonidium Matonidium goeppertii Europe Middle Jurassic Early Cretaceous
Matonidium Matonidium goeppertii Asia Middle Jurassic Early Cretaceous
Matonisporites Matonisporites sp Nd Nd
Nathorstia Nathorstia alata Argentina Early Cretaceous
Nathorstia Nathorstia galleyi USA Early Cretaceous
Nathorstia Nathorstia latifolia Greenland Early Cretaceous