Advance in Mesozoic palynological researches for thirty years.
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Qu,L. (1987) Advance in Mesozoic palynological researches for thirty years. [ In Chinese with English summary ] Professional Papers of Stratigraphy and Palaeontology,(Diceng Gushengwu Lunwen Ji). Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences # 17 P. 29- 64
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Acanthotriletes Acanthotriletes China Triassic Cretaceous
Accinctisporites Accinctisporites China Triassic
Accuratipollis Accuratipollis China Cretaceous
Aequitriradites Aequitriradites China Cretaceous
Aequitriradites Aequitriradites verrucosus China Early Cretaceous
Alisporites Alisporites China Triassic
Anapiculatisporites Anapiculatisporites dawsonensis China Middle Jurassic
Annulispora Annulispora folliculosa China Late Triassic
Antulsporites Antulsporites China Jurassic
Apiculatisporis Apiculatisporis parvispinosus China Middle Triassic
Apiculatisporis Apiculatisporis spiniger China Middle Triassic
Appendicisporites Appendicisporites insignis China Early Cretaceous
Appendicisporites Appendicisporites perforatus China Early Cretaceous
Aquilapollenites Aquilapollenites nenjiangensis China Late Cretaceous
Aquilapollenites Aquilapollenites sp China Late Cretaceous
Aratrisporites Aratrisporites fischeri China Middle Triassic
Aratrisporites Aratrisporites paenulatus China Early Triassic