Miospores. (In: Atlas of Guide and Characteristic Fossils. L.Malinawska, editor)
Mamczar,J. (1989) Miospores. (In: Atlas of Guide and Characteristic Fossils. L.Malinawska, editor) Geology of Poland. Atlas of Guide and Characteristic Fossils. Vol. 3 # 2 P. 100- 110
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Appendicisporites Appendicisporites tricornitatus Poland Valanginian Early Aptian
Cicatricosisporites Cicatricosisporites brevilaesuratus Poland Barremian Early Aptian
Cicatricosisporites Cicatricosisporites dorogensis Poland Portlandian
Cingulatisporites Cingulatisporites foveolatus Poland Aptian
Cingulatisporites Cingulatisporites valdensis Poland Portlandian Hauterivian
Cingulatisporites Cingulatisporites verrucatus Poland Valanginian Early Barremian
Clavifera Clavifera triplex Poland Valanginian Aptian
Clavifera Clavifera tuberosa Poland Aptian
Concavissimisporites Concavissimisporites variverrucatus Poland Valanginian Barremian
Cryptogramma Cryptogramma tuberculata Poland Aptian
Cyathidites Cyathidites punctatus Poland Portlandian Barremian
Densoisporites Densoisporites perinatus Poland Valanginian Hauterivian
Gleicheniidites Gleicheniidites laetus Poland Aptian
Gleicheniidites Gleicheniidites rasilis Poland Valanginian Early Barremian
Gleicheniidites Gleicheniidites senonicus Poland Portlandian
Klukisporites Klukisporites pseudoreticulatus Poland Berriasian Barremian
Leptolepidites Leptolepidites major Poland Portlandian Early Barremian