Worldwide stratigraphic occurrences of Mesozoic and Tertiary megaspores.
Kovach,W.L. et al. (1989) Worldwide stratigraphic occurrences of Mesozoic and Tertiary megaspores. Palynology Vol. 13 P. 247- 277
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Aletes Aletes sp Worldwide Hettangian Toarcian
Alienosporites Alienosporites mostleri Worldwide Ladinian
Aneuletes Aneuletes acrochordonodes Worldwide Ladinian
Aneuletes Aneuletes clavatus Worldwide Ladinian
Aneuletes Aneuletes microspinus Worldwide Griesbachian Spathian
Aneuletes Aneuletes patera Worldwide Toarcian Bathonian
Aneuletes Aneuletes pomeranus Worldwide Ladinian
Aneuletes Aneuletes porosus Worldwide Ladinian
Aneuletes Aneuletes potoniei Worldwide Toarcian Aalenian
Aneuletes Aneuletes rotundus Worldwide Smithian Spathian
Arcellites Arcellites clavatoides Worldwide Aptian
Arcellites Arcellites disciformis Worldwide Barremian Coniacian
Arcellites Arcellites gansuensis Worldwide Berriasian Albian
Arcellites Arcellites hexapartitus Worldwide Barremian Albian
Arcellites Arcellites incipiens Worldwide Aptian Albian
Arcellites Arcellites medusus Worldwide Valanginian Campanian
Arcellites Arcellites mineri Worldwide Santonian Maastrichtian