Lower Cretaceous dinoflagellate biostratigraphy in the Danish Central Trough
Heilmann-Clausen,C. (1987) Lower Cretaceous dinoflagellate biostratigraphy in the Danish Central Trough Danmarks Geologiske Unders–łgelse # 17 P. 1- 89
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Achomosphaera Achomosphaera neptuni North Sea Middle Volgian Aptian
Achomosphaera Achomosphaera ramulifera North Sea Early Aptian
Aldorfia Aldorfia sp.A Dave.,1982 sp. nov. North Sea Middle Volgian
Aldorfia Aldorfia spongiosa North Sea Early Valanginian Early Hauterivian
Aptea Aptea anaphrissa North Sea Late Hauterivian
Aptea Aptea polymorpha North Sea Ryazanian Early Albian
Aptea Aptea securigera North Sea Ryazanian Early Albian
Apteodinium Apteodinium grande North Sea Late Barremian Albian
Apteodinium Apteodinium granulatum North Sea Middle Barremian Early Aptian
Apteodinium Apteodinium nuciforme North Sea Early Volgian Middle Volgian
Ascodinium Ascodinium scabrosum North Sea Albian
Avellodinium Avellodinium falsificum North Sea Hauterivian Barremian
Batioladinium Batioladinium jaegeri North Sea Barremian Early Albian
Batioladinium Batioladinium longicornutum North Sea Valanginian Early Aptian
Batioladinium Batioladinium pelliferum North Sea Late Valanginian Middle Barremian
Batioladinium Batioladinium pomum North Sea Middle Volgian Valanginian
Batioladinium Batioladinium radiculatum North Sea Late Valanginian