Principles of the palynologic subdivision of the Turkish Neogene
Benda,L. (1971) Principles of the palynologic subdivision of the Turkish Neogene Newsletters on Stratigraphy Vol. 1 # 3 P. 23- 26
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Alnipollenites Alnipollenites verus Turkey Burdigalian Early Sarmatian
Alnus Alnus Turkey Pannonian
Araliaceoipollenites Araliaceoipollenites euphori Turkey Burdigalian Helvetian
Betula Betula Turkey Pannonian
Caprifoliipites Caprifoliipites microreticulatus Turkey Chattian Helvetian
Castanea Castanea sp Turkey Burdigalian Pannonian
Chenopodiaceae Chenopodiaceae Turkey Late Neogene
Compositae Compositae Turkey Late Neogene
Corylus Corylus Turkey Pannonian
Cyperaceae Cyperaceae Turkey Late Neogene
Cyrillaceae Cyrillaceae Turkey Burdigalian Pannonian
Cyrillaceaepollenites Cyrillaceaepollenites exactus Turkey Chattian Aquitanian
Cyrillaceaepollenites Cyrillaceaepollenites megaexactus Turkey Chattian Aquitanian
Gramineae Gramineae Turkey Late Neogene
Inaperturopollenites Inaperturopollenites emmaensis Turkey Chattian Aquitanian
Liquidambar Liquidambar Turkey Pannonian
Nyssa Nyssa Turkey Pannonian