The Eocene in the Region of Dorog
Foreign title:
L'Eocene de la Region de Dorog
Gidai,L. (1972) The Eocene in the Region of Dorog [ L'Eocene de la Region de Dorog ] A Magyar Allami Fжldtani Int©zet ‰vi Jelent©se, ‰vrжl Vol. 55 # 1 P. 3- 140
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Anacolosidites Anacolosidites pseudoefflatus Hungary Sparnacian Cuisian
Botryococcus Botryococcus lutecicus Hungary Lutetian Priabonian
Botryococcus Botryococcus sp Hungary Lutetian Priabonian
Camarozonosporites Camarozonosporites heskemensis Hungary Sparnacian Lutetian
Cicatricosisporites Cicatricosisporites dorogensis Hungary Sparnacian Priabonian
Corsinipollenites Corsinipollenites oculusnoctis Hungary Sparnacian
Crassosphaera Crassosphaera concinna Hungary Cuisian
Diporites Diporites iszkaszentgyorgyi Hungary Sparnacian Lutetian
Duplopollis Duplopollis myrtoides Hungary Sparnacian Lutetian
Ericipites Ericipites ericius Hungary Cuisian
Gemmatosporis Gemmatosporis europaeus Hungary Lutetian
Hystrichosphaeridae Hystrichosphaeridae sp Hungary Cuisian Priabonian
Laevigatosporites Laevigatosporites discordatus Hungary Cuisian Lutetian
Leiotriletes Leiotriletes microadriennis Hungary Sparnacian Priabonian
Microfoveolatosporis Microfoveolatosporis pseudodentatus Hungary Cuisian Priabonian
Milfordia Milfordia incerta Hungary Cuisian Lutetian
Minorpollis Minorpollis sp Hungary Sparnacian Lutetian