The Middle Cretaceous in Hungary in Mid-Cretaceous events
Csaszar,G. (1976) The Middle Cretaceous in Hungary in Mid-Cretaceous events Annales du Museum d'Histoire Naturelle de Nice Vol. 4 P. XI1- XI14
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Abietineaepollenites Abietineaepollenites Hungary Albian
Acritosporites Acritosporites triangularis Hungary Albian
Alisporites Alisporites Hungary Albian
Appendicisporites Appendicisporites concentricus Hungary Albian
Appendicisporites Appendicisporites parviangulatus Hungary Albian
Araucariacites Araucariacites hungaricus Hungary Albian
Callialasporites Callialasporites segmentatus Hungary Albian
Camarozonosporites Camarozonosporites cerniidites Hungary Albian
Cedrus Cedrus Hungary Albian
Cicatricosisporites Cicatricosisporites Hungary Albian
Cicatricosisporites Cicatricosisporites mediostriatus Hungary Albian
Classoidites Classoidites glandis Hungary Albian
Classopollis Classopollis torosus Hungary Albian
Clavatipollenites Clavatipollenites Hungary Albian
Clavifera Clavifera Hungary Albian
Conbaculatisporites Conbaculatisporites Hungary Albian
Corniculatisporites Corniculatisporites Hungary Albian