Microflora of the Lower Cretaceous Mannville Group, east-central Alberta.
Singh,C. (1964) Microflora of the Lower Cretaceous Mannville Group, east-central Alberta. Research Council of Alberta, Bulletin # 15 P. 1- 239
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Trilobosporites Trilobosporites apiverrucatus Canada(Alberta) Aptian
Trilobosporites Trilobosporites canadensis Canada(Alberta) Aptian
Trilobosporites Trilobosporites hannonicus Canada(Alberta) Barremian
Trilobosporites Trilobosporites minor Canada(Alberta) Middle Albian
Trilobosporites Trilobosporites trioreticulosus Canada(Alberta) Aptian Albian
Tsugaepollenites Tsugaepollenites mesozoicus Canada(Alberta) Aptian
Tsugapollenites Tsugapollenites Canada(Alberta) Nd
Verrucosisporites Verrucosisporites Canada(Alberta) Nd
Verrucosisporites Verrucosisporites asymmetricus Canada(Alberta) Aptian Middle Albian
Verrucosisporites Verrucosisporites rotundus sp. nov. Canada(Alberta) Aptian
Verrucosisporites Verrucosisporites sp. Sing.,1964 sp. nov. Canada(Alberta) Middle Albian
Verrutriletes Verrutriletes Canada(Alberta) Nd
Verrutriletes Verrutriletes compositipunctatus Canada(Alberta) Aptian
Veryhachium Veryhachium Canada(Alberta) Nd
Veryhachium Veryhachium irregulare Canada(Alberta) Middle Albian
Veryhachium Veryhachium reductum Canada(Alberta) Middle Albian
Vitreisporites Vitreisporites Canada(Alberta) Nd