Palynological complexes of Mesozoic deposits of northern Siberia
Kara-Murza,E.N. (1957) Palynological complexes of Mesozoic deposits of northern Siberia Nauchno-Issledovatelskii Institut Geologii Arktiki (NIIGA) USSR P. 1- 10
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Abies Abies USSR(Siberia) Aptian Turonian
Acanthotriletes Acanthotriletes USSR(Siberia) Triassic
Acer Acer USSR(Siberia) Turonian
Anemia Anemia USSR(Siberia) Bathonian
Anemia Anemia USSR(Siberia) Albian
Angiopteris Angiopteris USSR(Siberia) Triassic
Angiospermae Angiospermae USSR(Siberia) Albian Maastrichtian
Araucariaceae Araucariaceae USSR(Siberia) Maastrichtian
Asaccites Asaccites USSR(Siberia) Triassic Middle Liassic
Azonaletes Azonaletes USSR(Siberia) Triassic Middle Liassic
Bennettitales Bennettitales USSR(Siberia) Triassic Jurassic
Betula Betula USSR(Siberia) Cenomanian Maastrichtian
Brochyphyllum Brochyphyllum USSR(Siberia) Oxfordian Kimmeridgian
Camptotriletes Camptotriletes USSR(Siberia) Triassic Middle Liassic
Caytoniales Caytoniales USSR(Siberia) Cenomanian
Cedrus Cedrus USSR(Siberia) Hauterivian Santonian
Cedrus Cedrus USSR(Siberia) Early Aptian