Biostratigraphy and evolution of the Cauvery Basin, India.
Sastri,V.V. et al. (1977) Biostratigraphy and evolution of the Cauvery Basin, India. Journal of the Geological Society of India Vol. 18 # 8 P. 355- 377
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Abietineaepollenites Abietineaepollenites sp India(Tamil Nadu) Oligocene Vindobonian
Aequitriradites Aequitriradites verrucosus India(Tamil Nadu) Neocomian Early Albian
Anacolosidites Anacolosidites sp India(Tamil Nadu) Lutetian
Andreisporis Andreisporis mariae India(Tamil Nadu) Coniacian Maastrichtian
Appendicisporites Appendicisporites distocarinatus India(Tamil Nadu) Neocomian Coniacian
Appendicisporites Appendicisporites tricornitatus India(Tamil Nadu) Neocomian Coniacian
Araucariacites Araucariacites australis India(Tamil Nadu) Late Jurassic Maastrichtian
Arcellites Arcellites minerii India(Tamil Nadu) Santonian Maastrichtian
Arcellites Arcellites trifoliatus India(Tamil Nadu) Santonian Maastrichtian
Arecipites Arecipites indicus India(Tamil Nadu) Ypresian Vindobonian
Ariadnaesporites Ariadnaesporites sp India(Tamil Nadu) Santonian Maastrichtian
Asperitricolporites Asperitricolporites pilosus India(Tamil Nadu) Lutetian Priabonian
Auriculiidites Auriculiidites reticulatus India(Tamil Nadu) Santonian Campanian
Azolla Azolla cretacea India(Tamil Nadu) Maastrichtian
Azolla Azolla sagittifera India(Tamil Nadu) Maastrichtian
Beaupreaidites Beaupreaidites tegillatus India(Tamil Nadu) Priabonian Vindobonian
Bombacacidites Bombacacidites inausus India(Tamil Nadu) Sarmatian