Prosviryakova,Z.P.;Eskander,N.R.;El Sayed,M.
Spore and pollen assemblages of the Paleozoic Desposits, Western Desert.
Prosviryakova,Z.P. et al. (1972) Spore and pollen assemblages of the Paleozoic Desposits, Western Desert. Geological Society of Egypt, Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 10th Annual Meeting,(Cairo,April,1972) P. 32- 32
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Acanthotriletes Acanthotriletes parvispinus Egypt Devonian
Archaeozonotriletes Archaeozonotriletes micromanifestus Egypt Devonian
Archaeozonotriletes Archaeozonotriletes orbiculatus Egypt Devonian
Cyclogranisporites Cyclogranisporites aureus Egypt Carboniferous
Cyclogranisporites Cyclogranisporites minutus Egypt Carboniferous
Densosporites Densosporites Egypt Carboniferous
Densosporites Densosporites variabilis Egypt Carboniferous
Emphanisporites Emphanisporites Egypt Devonian
Florinites Florinites Egypt Carboniferous
Hymenozonotriletes Hymenozonotriletes echiniformis Egypt Devonian
Hymenozonotriletes Hymenozonotriletes proteus Egypt Devonian
Lycospora Lycospora Egypt Carboniferous
Lycospora Lycospora subtriquetra Egypt Carboniferous
Punctatisporites Punctatisporites punctatus Egypt Carboniferous
Retusotriletes Retusotriletes gibberosus Egypt Devonian
Schopfipollenites Schopfipollenites Egypt Carboniferous
Stenozonotriletes Stenozonotriletes simplex Egypt Devonian