Tertiary palynology of the Himalaya-a review
Singh,H.P. (1983) Tertiary palynology of the Himalaya-a review The Palaeobotanist Vol. 30 # 3 P. 268- 278
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Abies Abies India Late Neogene
Abietineaepollenites Abietineaepollenites India Miocene Pleistocene
Achomosphaera Achomosphaera India Late Paleocene Eocene
Alnipollenites Alnipollenites India Miocene Pleistocene
Alnipollenites Alnipollenites India Late Neogene Pleistocene
Alsophilidites Alsophilidites India Late Neogene Pleistocene
Anacardiaceae Anacardiaceae India Late Neogene
Anacolosa Anacolosa India Late Paleocene Eocene
Araceopollenites Araceopollenites India Miocene
Araucariacites Araucariacites India Late Neogene Pleistocene
Baltisphaeridium Baltisphaeridium India Late Paleocene Eocene
Betulaceae Betulaceae India Late Neogene
Botryococcus Botryococcus India Late Paleocene Eocene
Caryapollenites Caryapollenites India Miocene Pleistocene
Chenopodiaceae Chenopodiaceae India Late Eocene Late Miocene
Cicatricosisporites Cicatricosisporites India Miocene Pleistocene
Cleistosphaeridium Cleistosphaeridium India Late Paleocene Eocene