Modern and fossil Peridiniineae.
Bujak,J.P. et al. (1983) Modern and fossil Peridiniineae. American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists, Contributions Series # 13 P. 1- 103
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Genus Species Country(Region) From To
Acanthogonyaulax Acanthogonyaulax Nd Nd
Alasphaera Alasphaera caudata Nd Nd
Alterbia Alterbia acribes Nd Nd
Alterbia Alterbia balmei Nd Nd
Alterbia Alterbia pentaradiata Nd Eocene
Alterbia Alterbia pentaradiata Nd Nd
Alterbia Alterbia raijae Nd Nd
Amphidiadema Amphidiadema nucula Nd Santonian
Amphidiadema Amphidiadema rectangularis Nd Late Turonian Middle Senonian
Andalusiella Andalusiella laevigata Nd Campanian Maastrichtian
Andalusiella Andalusiella polymorpha Nd Maastrichtian
Apectodinium Apectodinium augustum Nd Nd
Apectodinium Apectodinium homomorphum Nd Nd
Apectodinium Apectodinium longispinosum New Zealand(S.I.) Early Tertiary
Apectodinium Apectodinium parvum Nd Late Paleocene
Apectodinium Apectodinium quinquelatum Nd Late Paleocene Early Eocene
Apiculadinium Apiculadinium Nd Nd